Ynagra is one of the Youh'Kai Deities, revered as the goddess of devotion, protection and sacrifice.

Goddess of devotion, protection and sacrificeEdit

Quiet and gentle Ynagra is the eldest of the three daughters of Nach’Tarr, and is the only vaguely domestic deity of the Youh’Kai. Little is known about her other than that she fulfills her duties with utmost care and reliability. Though well-liked by all other gods, she is generally considered of little importance and is only consulted for her ability to sense dangers to come.


A bloodied Broom

The only legend that prominently features Ynagra, though, is a stark warning to those who would underestimate her power and explains why even the mightiest chieftains listen when a priest of Ynagra cares to raise his voice. It was in the days after the War in Heavens, when the Sons of Cor'Garun moved through the lands looking for a new diversion. A group of young women had taken refuge in Ynagra’s home, and she had sworn to protect them. Soon enough, the Sons of Cor’Garun came knocking at Ynagra’s door, demanding entrance. Knowing what they would to the girls in her charge, Ynagra refused. Angered, the Sons demanded her to hand over the women at least, but Ynagra refused again. Furious, the Sons of Cor’Garun attacked her - but she stood her ground, alone, armed with nothing but a broom. A full day and night, the Sons of Cor’Garun assailed her, but no weapon and no tactic was able to get them past her. Finally, with the first light of the new day, they conceded defeat and slinked home, the only time ever the Sons of Cor’Garun were defeated in battle.


A Youh’Kai woman with long dark hair, often braided, slender dark wings. Traditionally carrying an in’tla (a sort of spherical brazier hanging by a chain from a long stick, used to carry the embers from one hearth fire to another when tribes migrated), nowadays more often shown holding a broom with a bloodied handle for obvious reasons.

Common followersEdit

lovers, mothers, nurses, housekeepers, suicide bombers, oracles

Notable Followers of YnagraEdit