Born 5002
Deceased Unknown/Alive
Born on
Parents unknown
Spouses none
Children none
Affiliation Leesha Dracon, Courtesans' Guild

Born in a breeding facility of the Courtesans' Guild, Wesley became one of the rare A-Class courtesans. In 5017, he was bought at age 15 by Lady Ornella Dracon, nee Ornella Andragor, as a pet for her husband, Duke Anklam Dracon of Del'Morad, see short story His First Assignment.

Duke Anklam died under questionable circumstances, and despite the obvious conclusions, Wesley was not executed but instead sold.

He was bought by Leesha Dracon, who at that time was Commander of the newly formed Malachite Guard, and soon gained a position of deep personal and professional trust with the young noble. See short stories How to start a Household, Rat or Pancakes, Lunchbreak at the Office and The Duke and the Courtesan.

Since the ascension of Leesha Dracon to the Phoenix Throne, he is working as the personal secretary and gatekeeper of the Emperor.

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