Wayne Dover
Born 5038
Deceased Unknown/Alive
Born on Espen
Parents Unnamed
Spouses None/Unnamed
Children None/Unnamed
Affiliation Vian Dracon
Wayne Dover is a human commoner from Bellingham on Espen.


Short and muscular, with carrotty red hair, freckles and slightly stick-out ears, Wayne isn't exactly handsome, but laddish, open-faced and with an infectuos smile. Often, he is described as 'studmuffin troll', especially in comparison to his fey younger brother Bobby Dover.

Youth on EspenEdit

Growing up in Bellingham as the first of five childen of a disabled, alcoholic mother, he was able to enjoy a regular school education despite his family's poverty thanks to his mother's pension.

Rigid Espener structures left little place for youths to spend free time, and together with his younger brother Bobby Dover and their friends Mandy, Kiki, Ed and Dimples, he usually hung out in a flotsam filled part of the main wavebreaker of Bellingham's freight port.

In 5055, he started training as a mechanic.


In the summer of 5056, Wayne was sold into slavery as punishment for manslaughter of a police officer. See short story Endgame.

He was subsequently bought as pet by Vian Dracon, and after initial complications comes to like his master. Vian puts Wayne into training at the Phoenix Knight Tower, seeing his potential as a future Phoenix Squire.

In 5057, Wayne is allowed to visit his family, finally informing them that he has found a new home with Vian. See short story The fox-tailed Dragon.

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