Vian Dracon
Born 5040
Deceased Unknown/Alive
Born on undisclosed
Parents Yaden Dracon, mother undisclosed
Spouses None/Unnamed
Children None/Unnamed
Affiliation House Dracon, Phoenix Knights
Vian Dracon is a half-human noble of House Dracon, best known as the son of Sir Yaden Dracon



As his mother was not in her native form when Vian was conceived, he is considered half-human half-chimera.

Childhood and YouthEdit

In 5057, Vian joins Wayne in visiting his family on Espen, where he meets Wayne's younger brother Bobby Dover. See short story The fox-tailed Dragon. The following months see a gentle romance developing between Vian and Bobby, see short stories Dinner Date, Crown & Lance and Anger Management. In the end, Vian convinces Bobby to move to P2, both to be closer to Vian and hoping to escape the rigid confines of Espen.

Other Articles on Vian DraconEdit

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