Born 4989
Deceased Unknown/Alive
Born on Unknown/Unnamed
Parents raised by Elayne Windsor
Spouses None/Unnamed
Children None/Unnamed
Affiliation Psions' Guild
Master Ulysses is a human psion best know for his job as Serin Prime and being the presumed head of the Psions' Guild.


Even though the image of a pale ten-year old boy in a sailor suit is still very prominent in the public mind, Master Ulysses has since grown nicely since his first public appearances. Dark-haired and always impeccably groomed, he is considered one of the best-dressed men of the Empire and regularly cited as one of the prime examples of non-noble timeless class.

Psions' GuildEdit

He was instrumental to the 4997 negotiations of the Psions' Guild to become a full Guildsraat Member, see short story Sunthief in a Sailor Suit.

Psionic PowersEdit

Master Ulysses is one of the best known psions of the Empire and has almost lived his whole life in the public limelight. He first appeared at the side of his noble Godmother, Lady Elayne Windsor, in the years before SW II, when he was barely into his teens. Even then, he already was a fearsomely skilled teleporter, and his abilities have only grown since. He is widely considered to be a teleportation / telepathy double Prime, though his teleportation skills outrank this description by far. It is publicly know that he is able to facilitate multi-part teleportations on sub-atomic levels as well as bulk mass teleports of whole fleets over interstellar distances.

Public PerceptionEdit

His appearance in public is always smooth and utterly non-chalant, sometimes to the point of appearing inhuman. There is a long-standing public debate over his perceived lack of humor, which started after he stared down the whole Guildsraat while threatening to steal the sun of Guild Central when they were hesitant to acknowledge the Psions' Guild as one of their own. On the other hand, he publicly outed himself as a fan of 'Ivory Tower', a daily sitcom about the troubles of a demigod-like Prime dealing with his lesser-skilled and mundane employees, in which said Prime wore significantly more than just a passing resemblance to Master Ulysses.

Other Articles on UlyssesEdit

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