The Verata are one of the three main branches of the Imperial Church.

Mind of the ChurchEdit

The Verata only make up the smallest fraction of the imperial church, and among the general population their red robes still evoke fearful memories of their time as rabid inquisition.

But since the Purge of the Verata, they have steadily gained renown within the church as reliable, immaculately fair and just arbiters and seekers of truth. As such, they have played an invisible but significant role in restructuring the church, changing its public perception from necessary evil to cherished friends and supporters.

The Verata rarely appear outside the church, but if they do, they are usually on a quest for truth, working as lawyers, investigators or forensic mages. And even though most people will never voluntarily talk to one of the red-robed priests, many professionals actually are happy to see one of them meddling, as their adamant honesty and impartiality is slowly becoming known and respected outside the church.

If the Verata work theurgy remains an open question. If they do, those miracles are subtle and hard to notice.

Common rumoursEdit

  • It is impossible to lie to a Verata priest. All of them know rituals that enable them to tell between a truth, a lie and every gray shade in between. Just don't bother when you're in the unlucky situation to be questioned by one of them.
  • The Purge of the Verata actually was a hostile takeover by the Youh'Kai Deity Khastai. More and more Priest openly show ritual scars these days, similar to the ba'ata of Youh'Kai, proof of their terrible heresy.
  • The sudden moderation of the Verata is nothing but a ruse - they quietly gather intelligence on all of us, to one day start the one witch-hunt to end them all.

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