Temple Aroona is one of the three main branches of the Imperial Church.

Heart of the ChurchEdit

Founded only in 4997, the Aroona are the youngest of the branches of the Church, and yet they already are the most numerous. Most people will only meet Aroona priests in their lifetime, and their plain blue robes are a welcome sight almost everywhere.

The Aroona are the healers and caretakers of the Church, and are well known for their practicality and sensibility. They are also notoriously meddlesome and irritatingly frank about romantic and physical love, something that has made them a little less than welcome on the more prudish worlds.

Even though the tanned, handsome village priest healing sick cows and broken hearts is the most common cliché, Aroona clerics also work as highly specialized surgeons, military support troops or masters of supernatural rituals.

Theurgy worked by an Aroona priest tend to revolve around the energy of life and emotions, and are as subtle and practical as the priests working them. Also, Aroona priests tend to seek physical, pleasurable contact to those they heal, leading to rumours of orgies and worse in their temples.

Common rumoursEdit

  • Founded by a former member of House Dracon, the Aroona are demonists working in disguise.
  • The rituals (some say orgies) of the Temple create tremendous amounts of supernatural energy, which the Aroona sell to the Psions' Guild like fuel or drugs, thus controlling the guild.
  • The Aroona possess the secret of youth eternal, and they use their knowledge to blackmail the Empire's elite to do their bidding.

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