T'swane is one of the Youh'Kai Deities, revered as the god of wisdom, contemplation and inspiration.

God of Wisdom, Contemplation and InspirationEdit

During the War in Heavens, young T’swane found out that his mother, the goddess of wisdom and knowledge, was one of the oath-breaker gods. Furious with anger and shame about her betrayal, he slew her. But even he didn’t know how to truly kill a god, so he bound her essence to her skull, and kept it in chains by his side ever since. Still tormented by the fact that he had to kill his beloved mother, he is often portrayed as feeling unprepared for his duties as god of wisdom, and is often seen torturing the skull of his mother for insights he thinks she is still hiding from him.


A young, three-eyed Youh’Kai male in simple robes and white (brown) wings, carrying a skull in chains.

Common followersEdit

teachers, students, artists, chieftains

Notable followers of T'swaneEdit

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