Born 5039
Deceased Unknown/Alive
Born on Espen
Parents Unnamed
Spouses None/Unnamed
Children None/Unnamed
Affiliation Bobby Dover
T'sule is a Youh'Kai commoner, best known as a friend of Bobby Dover.


Of comparatively stocky and muscular build, T'sule wears his dark hear in a short, no-maintainance cut. His skin is brownish-green, a very common colour among the Youh'Kai. His usual outfit consists of heavy worker's boots and worn-out army fatigues, and as soon as the weather and company permits, he prefers to go shirtless.

Friendship with Bobby DoverEdit

T'sule met Bobby Dover during Nach'Tarr's Night in the Youh'Kai ghetto of Bellingham 5056, see short story A Voice in the Dark. Later, he defended Bobby from an aggressive John, see short story The Longest of Nights.

Psionic PowersEdit

Like most of Youh'Kai, T'sule is a Psion. His abilities manifest as boosted physical attributes, a classic case of CAF. Having grown up in the Youh'Kai ghetto of Bellingham on Espen, though, he hasn't trained to become one of the feared Ga'Un dagger fighters. Instead, he is famous for his faster-than-possible drum solos and currently dreams of making it big in the Empire's lively entertainment industry.

Other Articles on T'suleEdit

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