Stephen Dracon
Born 4976
Deceased Unknown/Alive
Born on Pandora
Parents Ilya Dracon
Spouses Tank, Chain
Affiliation Temple Aroona

Stephen Dracon is a noble of House Dracon, better known as Archbishop Stephanus of Terra and Terra Prime.

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Psionic PowersEdit

Father Stephanus is one of the exceedingly rare cases of a human exhibiting both psionic and theurgic talents. His psionic talents were discovered in early childhood already, but much to the dismay of his family were hardly exploitable. A sensitive, mid-level empath and weak telepath, his skills were more of a hindrance to him than anything else. But when his childhood friend Rasputin Dracon of Serin founded Temple Aroona, Steven found his true calling - famously as the first Aroona priest after Father Rasputin himself.

Considered a psychic savant, or a peak talent, Stephens' abilities are severely limited in many ways, but extraordinarily developed in others. So while intentionally, Stephen is unable to do more than read other people’s emotions and convey his own over short distances, he is constantly, involuntarily broadcasting a very soft, very subtle sentiment of trust and understanding all around him. It is a manipulation that a trained mind can easily identify. But amazingly enough, so far no human psion has found any means of blocking that signal. Together with the fact that Stephen’s signal is detectable all across the empire and way beyond, it makes Stephen simultaneously one of the weakest and one of the strongest psions of this generation.

The effect is stronger closer to Stephen, and also the reason why he is capable of working as Terra Prime - under his guidance, even weak psions can work together to the point that they can pool their powers to achieve prime level output.

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