Sia'Dar is one of the Youh'Kai deities, revered as the goddess of crafting, science and brilliance.

Goddess of Crafting, Science and BrillianceEdit

Almost as proud and temperamental as Cor'Garun, Sia’Dar is brilliant, cocky and boasts the sharpest tongue among the Youh’Kai gods. Her fights with Cor’Garun about whether his strength or her weapons were more important to the outcome of a fight are legendary, as is her complete lack of patience.

While she is a kind and generous goddess to those who work hard, she is famous for not suffering fools or leeches. Many entreating her for help have found themselves cursed when Sia’Dar thought they were trying to take the easy way out.


A sinewy muscular Youh’Kai female with short hair in leather apron, a smith’s hammer (rarely: a welding torch, a sonic screwdriver) in her belt, often with crossed arms and some kind of pen behind her ear

Temple on MalicornEdit

Famously, the new Sia'Dar temple on Malicorn was built in co-operation with the university of Malicorn and it's founder, Lady Beverly Corosant.

Common followersEdit

Craftsmen, Scientists, students, builders, artists

Notable Followers of Sia'DarEdit

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