The Second Succession War was a military dispute between various Noble Houses about the succession of Emperor Alexander Habichtswald after his sudden disappearance in 4996.

Disappearance of the EmperorEdit

A few years into his reign, Emperor Alexander disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 4996.

As by his last will, the unmarried Emperor’s crown went to his mother Regina Habichtswald, a move that was hotly contested by House Dracon. Hyperion Dracon claimed that he Emperor had asked him to take up the crown, presenting the sigil ring of the Emperor as proof. Empress Regina gave an ultimatum for House Dracon to return the ring and abstain from their claim to the throne, which was widely ignored. In February 4997, Habichstwald forces on all Habichtswald and imperial planets rounded up all Dracon, formally declaring war on the other House (see also Spring Cleaning of 4997).

Battles of the Great WarEdit

While the Habichtswald were able to secure much of the Imperial assets for themselves, the Dracon could count on the support of the newly founded Psions' Guild and Temple Aroona.

Turning PointEdit

For several years, the war raged all over the Empire, with the Dracon slowly chipping away at the Habichtswald's massive fleet.

The turning point came in 4999 with Operation Oathbreaker, when House Habichtswald misjudged the pride of their vassals of House Cournicova. Having warned their masters several times that they would defect if the Habichtswald continued to use their Warrior Princesses as expendable shock troops, the whole of House Cournicova left as one and offered allegiance to House Dracon. Without their crucial ally, the support for House Habichtswald began to crumble. They lost battle after battle, the surviving members of the House being hunted down like rabid dogs.

End of SW IIEdit

The publicly televised decapitation of the last living Habichtswald in 5001 marked the grisly end of SW II and the end of House Habichtswald.

Concord of P2Edit

Having learned from the previous Emperor's mistakes, the newly crowned Emperor Hyperion Dracon seized the opportunity of all Dukes of all Noble Houses being present at his coronation and forced them to sit down and tally up their demands and depts from the war with each other. Forbidden to leave with the new Emperor's fleet in orbit, they hammered out the Concord of P2, an agreement that settled all those claims and forbade each Duke to ever come up with old claims concering the war again. The Concord of P2 is widely credited with the sustained peace the Empire is seeing now since several generations.

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