Sasha Dracon
Born 4971
Deceased Unknown/Alive
Born on Serin
Parents Unnamed
Spouses Lilith Dracon
Children Leesha Dracon, Liviana Dracon, Milaine Dracon, Kerish Dracon, all following adopted: Veruda Dracon, Elena Dracon, Setsuna Dracon, Ciel Dracon
Affiliation House Dracon
Sasha Dracon is a human noble, Duke of P2 and co-founder of the Pearlblue Dracon family line.


Slender and sinewy athletic, Sasha Dracon uses the fact that he is a true hermaphrodite to full effect - mostly to confused the shit out of the people she is talking to.

Depending on his mood, she wears his tightly curled blond hair either in a severe braid or bun (to go with her stern Dracon uniform) or open and often adorned with jewellery (when wearing ballgowns). Needless to say, she adheres adamantly to the Dracon House rule to only ever wear black.

Youth on SerinEdit

bodyguard of and relationship with Grigorij Dracon, banishment by Hyperion for loosing his son.

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

Leesha Family Tree 5020-10-26

A family tree of the Pearlblue Dracon core.

Married to Lilith Dracon

Owner of Mahut, Enrique, Gossamer, James and Ryan. Father of: Veruda Dracon, Elena Dracon, Leesha Dracon, Liviana Dracon, Kerish Dracon, Milaine Dracon, Setsuna Dracon, Ciel Dracon (adopted)

Move to P2Edit

At the end of SW II, Hyperion Dracon tried to win over Lilith Dracon and Sasha Dracon to work for him as head of the IIS and Duke of P2, respectively. Both being pregnant and with small children already, they were reluctant to accept, both citing their recently finished home on Serin as the primary reason for not being able to move to P2.

Not willing to accept such marginalities, Hyperion Dracon had the whole tower teleported to P2 by the Psions' Guild, placing the tower right into the mouth of the bay of Imperial City.

Reign of P2Edit

In 5041, he abdicated as Duke of P2 in favor of his adopted son Veruda Dracon.

Other Articles on Sasha DraconEdit

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