Rose van der Meer
Born Unknown
Deceased Unknown/Alive
Born on Unknown/Unnamed
Parents Unnamed
Spouses Eric Andragor
Children None/Unnamed
Affiliation House van der Meer, Amadeus Habichtswald
Rose van der Meer is a human noble of House van der Meer, a member of the Malachite Guard under Amadeus Habichtswald and Imperial Chancellor under Leesha Dracon.


In 5001, she was betrothed as part of the Concord of P2 to the eldest son of the Duke of Del'Morad, Karl Dracon.

In 5022, she bought Eric Andragor, who had been sold as a slave at the end of SW II. See short story Three Credits.

In 5023, she begins an affair with Eric despite her betrothal to Karl Dracon. Both men come to blows about her, the situation much complicated by the fact that Eric's birthmother Ornella Andragor is now Karl's stepmother. In the end, Rose decides against Karl and marries Eric. See novel Even Nobles Cry.


In 5030, Emperor Leesha Dracon named her Imperial Chancellor.


Rose van der Meer is known to be a huge fan of 'Even Nobles Cry', and does not accept appointments on Thursday evenings when new episodes are airing on P2.

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