Ruled by House Dracon
Current Ruler Unnamed
Capital Unnamed
Current Prime Unnamed
Current Archbishop Unnamed
Primary Exports Irrelevant/Unknown
Primary Imports Irrelevant/Unknown
Pandora is a planet of the Phoenix Empire, best known for its violent climate and being the birthplace of Sir Yaden Dracon.


Pandora was one of the last planets of the Gilded Republic to begin terraforming, and the process was far from finished when the Dark Ages fell. In result, the planet's weather patterns are unpredictable at best, with frequent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and extreme weather events. Acid rains and lye storms, 6-feet snowflakes (ice sheets ripped up by gale force winds and carried into the high atmosphere) and caramel hail (amorphous (plastic) sulphur from volcanic eruptions) are only the most common of those freak weathers.


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