Olga Dracon
Born 4967
Deceased Unknown/Alive
Born on Pandora
Parents Ilya Dracon
Spouses Dimitrij Dracon
Children Stanis Dracon, Yaden Dracon
Affiliation House Dracon
Olga Dracon is a noble of House Dracon and the Duchess of Pandora.

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

Mindful of his own experiences with a murderous wife he had married for money, Duke Ilya Dracon of Pandora decided to marry his inheriting daughter Olga to someone more predictable. He made a deal with a very minor and very rich branch of House van der Meer, which at that time still was vassal to House Dracon, for Olga to marry one of their sons.

That didn't work out as planned. When Olga was on Serin to meet her husband-to-be she fell in love with a dashing young Dracon named Dimitrij. He didn't have a dime to his name, but Olga got pregnant (with her first son Stanis Dracon) and threatened to run away with Dimitrij if she wasn't allowed to marry him.

Hopeful that his daughter might have the happy marriage he had been denied, Duke Ilya swallowed the sour pill and paid off the van der Meers to get out of the contract.

Luckily, that marriage did turn out extremely happy. Olga and Dimitri had a bunch of kids and then decided they had enough little ones running around. Alas, that didn't turn out as planned either: when they were visiting her brother Stephen Dracon on Earth, they made the mistake of taking part in one of the Aroona rituals: entrance very late-comer Yaden.

Other eventsEdit

In 5025, she bought Darren for her son Yaden Dracon.

Other Articles on Olga DraconEdit

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