Milo Cournicova
Born 5016
Deceased Unknown/Alive
Born on Swansgard
Parents Asa Cournicova
Spouses None/Unnamed
Children None/Unnamed
Affiliation Phoenix Knights

Milo Cournicova is a human noble of House Cournicova, a Phoenix Knight and a powerful Shadow Roamer.

Appearance and IconographyEdit

Tall, sinewy and athletic, Milo Cournicova is practically oozing good health. Wearing his blond, wavy hair just long enough it can fall into his green-brown eyes, he is best known for his dazzling, roguish smile and throaty laugh.

His iconic outfit consists of fawn colored suede pants and a white linen shirt, high boots and occasionally a fitting fawn vest, all of it complemented with a forrest green cape or similar hooded cloak.

The image of a green hood, with a sparkling green-brown eye smiling out from the shadows underneath, is one of the best-selling motives of his Phoenix Knight merchandize line.


Born as the third son of Duchess Asa Cournicova, Duchess of Swansgard and Princess of the House, Milo shared the fate of all Cournicova men - he was locked up and trained for a life of good looks and obedience. It is unknown when his powers manifested for the first time, but his mother and sisters were well aware of them long before the Emperor officially took an interest in him.

Anecdotal evidence points to a chance meeting between Emperor Leesha Dracon and Milo Cournicova in 5032 when both were trying to sneak out of the Imperial Palace at night. Impressed by the young man's skill and precise moral compass, he is said to have kept taps on Milo for the years to come. See short story Meeting in Shadows.

Phoenix KnightEdit

Knighted in 5037 (at the age of 21, the earliest it was proper for his mother to leave him out of her care), he also was one of he few Phoenix Knights that entered the Emperor's service without first serving a year as another Knight's squire.

Private Life and Public ImageEdit

Milo Cournicova is well known for his handsome looks and disarmingly boyish, affable manners. Regularly mocked and coveted as the Empire's favorite son-in-law, the public perception has a surprisingly large blind spot when it comes to his psionic abilities, to the point of completely ignoring the fact that he's a psion at all. Sir Milo is unmarried, and has repeatedly stated that he'd prefer his marital status to remain unchanged for a long time to come.

Famous missions (movies)Edit

  • Sir Milo and the Haunted Mansion