Ruled by House Dracon
Current Ruler Asra Ohm Dracon
Capital Malena
Current Prime Gabriel Ardenberg
Current Archbishop Saint Cornelius
Primary Exports porc products
Primary Imports tourists
Malicorn is a planet of the Phoenix Empire, best known for its Malicorn Porc products, the quintannual Swine Swinging Contest and for being the safest planet in the Empire.


Heavily terraformed, Malicorn is very close to Earth in its climate, if maybe a little more arid due to the lack of comparable amounts of surface water. Malicorn's largest body of water, the Kunekune Sea, is smaller than Earth's mediterranean sea.


Originally a backwater slave breeding planet, Malicorn came to interstellar prominence during the rule of Duke Mel Ohm Dracon.

Culture & EconomyEdit

Malicorn is widely renowned for its hospitality and clement weather, just as it is notorious for its besottment with porc products.

Most of the planets' income is generated by tourism these days, mostly around the Kunekune Sea and Malena. The second source are various products of Malicorn Porc, both in terms of the actual meat as well as the whole branding operation behind it - bacon flavoured Grinny Pig cereals named only as the most widespread example.

Safest Planet of the EmpireEdit

Originally a slogan on one of the countless tourism ads for Malicorn, the expression has none the less stuck. Malicorn does indeed have a surprisingly low crimerate, in good part due to the excellently trained (and paid) police force and the truly draconic punishments for crimes against tourists.

If that truly makes Malicorn the safest planet in the Empire is debatable, but most inhabitants of the Empire see no reason to doubt this claim.

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