Lûn is one of the Youh'Kai Deities, revered as the goddess of healing, nature and compassion.

Goddess of healing, nature and compassionEdit

When the War in Heavens raged worst, the Gods on either side deployed weapons so unimaginable they wounded the universe itself. Faced with then end of all things, the youngest and fairest daughter of Nach'Tarr, Lûn, gave up her immortality and sacrificed her eternal life in an attempt to heal the damage her brothers had done. For the first time ever, one of the Gods truly died, and her sacrifice shocked the remaining gods into an armistice that holds true until today. Some fear that the armistice has been broken with the Siege of Far'Gesh in 4998, but so far no one knows for sure. Today, there are no priests of Lûn, and no temples, as prayers to her remain unanswered. Her sisters Ynagra and Khastai try to fill the void as good as they can, but the lost goddess is missed at every turn.


Petite pale Youh’Kai female, white(blue) hair, naked but wrapped in her giant white(blue) wings. Often a (bloody) tear running from one of her eyes. In depictions of the whole pantheon, she is usually symbolized by an empty seat or a single white (bloodied) feather lying in the foreground.

Common followersEdit

only very few followers these days, if any.

Notable Followers of Lûn includeEdit

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