Lilith Dracon
Born 4975
Deceased Unknown/Alive
Born on Serin
Parents Vladimir Dracon
Spouses Sasha Dracon
Children Veruda Dracon, Elena Dracon, Leesha Dracon, all following adopted: Liviana Dracon, Kerish Dracon, Milaine Dracon, Setsuna Dracon, Ciel Dracon
Affiliation House Dracon, IIS
Lilith Dracon is a human noble of House Dracon, Empress Mother, head of the IIS and founder of the Pearlblue Dracon family line.


A rather petite and willowy figure, Lady Lilith is renowned for her flawlessly noble features and perfect alabaster complexion. Wearing her hair straight and long enough to trail the ground, she is known to come up with new haircolors and styles within minutes, suggesting a nanite tribe of extraordinary versatility.

Since her youth, she has continually claimed the title of 'most beautiful woman of the Empire', though occasionally only due to the fact that all potential competition was struck by very unfortunate and usually disfiguring accidents.

Childhood on SerinEdit

Growing up as the second daughter of Duke Vladimir Dracon of Serin, Lady Lilith was always renowned for he flawless manners and composure, traits that definitely were a rare thing among the Dracon of that time. Early on, she seemed to have struck a pact with her elder sister of Elena Vladimirovna Dracon, apparently relinquishing all her claims to the title of Duchess in return for her protection.

Though today Lady Elena Vladimirovna and Lady Lilith are listed as the only children of Duke Vladimir, there are persistent rumors of other siblings that have not survived, including at least one twin sister (some say even two triplet sisters) of Lady Lilith and a younger brother.

The Terrible ThreeEdit

Growing up in the various estates on Serin, Lady Lilith became close friends with Grigorij Dracon and Rasputin Dracon who were born in the same age, and spent most of her youth inseparable from them. Due to their almost untouchable status and ruthless ways, they were dubbed the 'Terrible Three'. The trio later 'adopted' Stephen Dracon, and their close friendship holds true even today.

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

Leesha Family Tree 5020-10-26

A family tree of the Pearlblue Dracon core.

Married to Sasha Dracon, deep animosity between her and Amadeus Habichtswald.

Owner of Mahut, Enrique, Gossamer, James and Ryan. Mother of: Veruda Dracon, Elena Dracon, Leesha Dracon, Liviana Dracon, Kerish Dracon, Milaine Dracon, Setsuna Dracon, Ciel Dracon (adopted)

Build the Pearlblue Tower on Serin for her family.

Move to P2Edit

At the end of SW II, Hyperion Dracon tried to win over Lilith Dracon and Sasha Dracon to work for him as head of the IIS and Duke of P2, respectively. Both being pregnant and with small children already, they were reluctant to accept, both citing their recently finished home on Serin as the primary reason for not being able to move to P2.

Not willing to be impeded by such marginalities, Hyperion Dracon had the whole tower teleported to P2 by the Psions' Guild, placing the tower right into the mouth of the bay of Imperial City.

Other Articles on Lilith DraconEdit

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