Ruled by House Dracon
Current Ruler Unnamed
Capital "Soggy Bottom"
Current Prime Unnamed
Current Archbishop Unnamed
Primary Exports slug and lobster products, medicinal moulds, rebellions & cults
Primary Imports malcontents
Leichnam is a planet of the Phoenix Empire, best known for Leichnam Slugs, Leichnam Lobsters and the isolationist ways of its population.


Notably, Leichnam has a humidity so high it is completely covered in clouds. Its shrouded appearence is also the reason for the planet's name - 'Leichnam' meaning 'corpse' in the language of the original Habichtswald settlers. Due to the intense cloud cover, temperatures vary little on the surface, and except for the constant precipitation and lack of direct sunlight, the planet is surprisingly hospitable to human life.


Notable LeichnamersEdit

Other Articles on LeichnamEdit

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