Khastai is one of the Youh'Kai Deities, revered as the goddess of pain, memory and truth.

Goddess of Pain, Memory and TruthEdit

It is said that the first victim in any war is the truth. And the War in Heavens was no exception to that rule. Right after the revelation of their betrayal, the oath breaker gods captured the second daughter of Nach'Tarr, the goddess of truth, and tried to kill her, hoping to hide their evil deeds forever. But even they couldn’t kill her, and so they bound her to the rocks of the ever burning plain of Arr’Rat’tak. But much to their dismay, she didn’t despair. Instead, she laughed at them, yelling insults. While the flames ate away her skin, she realized that they also ate away the last illusions she had, and even though she could not free herself from the chains holding her down, neither could anyone move her again. Truth could now forever be found, easily, by anyone who cared to search for it.


While Khastai priests with their countless self-mutilations and -modifications unnerve even the most stoic Youh’Kai, they hold an important part in their culture. Every important milestone of a Youh’Kai is traditionally marked on his or her bone-ridges, a procedure that is traumatically painful under the best of circumstances. Creating those markings, the ba'ata, is a prerogative of the priests of Khastai, and even though ‘modern’ Youh’Kai more and more tend to take no such markings or substitute much less painful tattoos, only the marks left by a servant of Khastai will carry true weight.


Stocky, female Youh’Kai, chained (to a rock) and wreathed in flames, often flayed, wide-eyed and laughing. Occasionally with plucked and / or charred wings.

Common followersEdit

crazy people

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