Kendrik Aquila
Born 4981
Deceased Unknown/Alive
Born on Caelius
Parents Rochelle Aquila
Spouses Yaden Dracon, Colin, Jennifer, Teagan, Sam Balmoral, Luca
Children None/Unnamed
Affiliation House Aquila, Yaden Dracon
Kendrik Aquila is a human noble of House Aquila of the Scilla Republic, best known for his marriage to Sir Yaden Dracon and his job as the sole Ambassador of his home realm to the Phoenix Empire.


Standing easily 2m (6’6”) tall, broad shouldered and athletic, Kendrik has inherited his mother's natural elegance. In keeping with Scillan military fashion, he kept his hair cropped very short and was rarely seen without army fatigues.

For unknown reasons, he radically changed his style in 5044, growing his red-golden hair to hip lenth and changed to subtly embroidered frock coats of latest fashion, becoming an overnight sensation on the social circuit of P2's Imperial City. Since then, he is frequently cited as one of the most handsome men of the Empire, his face gracing magazine covers often enough to make him one of the best-known faces of the Empire.

Due to he extensive medical services available to upper-class members of the Scilla Republic, he looks like in his early thirties, and has an average life expectancy of at least two hundred years.


Growing up as the second child and only son of celebrated ballerina Rochelle Aquila, his early childhood was spent in relative poverty and constant changing environments, travelling with his mother from show to show. Only with his mother's rising fame, a measure of security entered his life, and he finally settled down when she married the Senator of Caelius.

Like his elder sister, he joined the army at a young age, probably searching a way to hide his budding empathic abilities. As psions are outlawed in the Scilla Republic and are kept as gladiators to fight duels on behalf of their ruling elite, his constant need to hide his abilities shaped his skills up to this day.

One Day WarEdit

Kendrik Aquila was part of the fleet attacking a colony of the Felid Confederation in the conflict that is known on the Empire's side as the One Day War in 5043. During the fight, Kendrik's fighter jet was fatally damaged and left behind by the fleeing Scillan troops. By sheer luck, he was picked up by Sir Yaden Dracon before his life support systems finally broke down.

They married about half a year later.

Serin's Secret GardenEdit

In 5044, Kendrik was sent into the Secret Garden, a brothel on Serin, to uncover the members of a conspiracy against the Emperor. See novel Serin's Secret Garden. There he met Luca, a young slave and whore, who he bought as a pet after his mission in the Secret Garden was over.

Psionic PowersEdit

He is a cerebral psion, a prime-level empath and respectable telepath. Not publicly known, though, is the fact that these are only his secondary expressions - primarily, he is one of the strongest blockers known to humanity.

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