Karl Dracon
Born 4998
Deceased Unknown/Alive
Born on Del'Morad
Parents Anklam Dracon; stepmother Ornella Andragor
Spouses Leesha Dracon
Children Nimue Dracon
Affiliation House Dracon
Karl Dracon is a human noble of House Dracon, best known as Duke of Del'Morad and second Phoenix Empress.

Youth on Del'MoradEdit


In 5019, he attended the military academy of Kalidor, where he befriended the son of the Duke of P2, Leesha Dracon. See short story Unlikely Friends.

Duke of Del'MoradEdit

Upon the death of his father, he became Duke of Del'Morad.

Phoenix EmpressEdit

In 5033, Karl was married by Leesha Dracon, making him the second Phoenix Empress after Amadeus Habichtswald. See short story Imperial Wedding.

Other Articles on Karl DraconEdit

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