Ilya Dracon
Born 4935
Deceased 5019
Born on Pandora
Children Olga Dracon, Stephen Dracon
Affiliation House Dracon

Duke of Pandora, Grandfather of Sir Yaden Dracon.

Flew the Pebble during the Second Succession War.

Offered a deal of protection at the end of the Second Succession War in 5001 to Christopher Habichtswald , see short story Deal with the Devil.

Pandora was a poor planet so Ilya needed to get married to someone with money. Since he wanted as little trouble as possible he thought it would be a good idea to marry a soft spoken minor noble Jehanni princess who brought in lots of cash in exchange for the title of duchess. Turned out that wasn't such a good idea. The girl was a viper and from day one tried to have her darling Ilya assassinated. She gave him two kids, Olga and Stephen. In the end he managed to terminate her before she did it to him.

Mindful of that experience he decided to marry his inheriting daughter to someone more predictable. He made a deal with a very minor and very rich branch of House van der Meer which at that time still was vasal to House Dracon for Olga to marry one of their sons.

That didn't work out as planned. When Olga was on Serin to meet her husband-to-be she fell in love with a dashing young Dracon named Dimitry. He didn't have a dime to his name, but Olga got pregnant (with Yaden's oldest brother Stanis) and threatened to run away with Dimitri if she wasn't allowed to marry him.

Hopeful that his daughter might have the happy marriage he had been denied Ilya swallowed the sour pill and paid off the van der Meers to get out of the contract.

Luckily that marriage did turn out extremely happy. Olga and Dimitri had a bunch of kids and then decided they had enough little ones running around.

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