House van der Meer is one of the five Royal Houses of the Phoenix Empire (realm).


Seamlessly, the Water merges.

Coat of ArmsEdit

Cendree, a fish argent hauriant. (A jumping white fish on grey)


All shades of gray - charcoal, steel, dove, ash of roses, etc.


Sporting one of the more complicated dresscodes, members of House van der Meer are hard to describe but still instantly recognizable. All outfits are expected to be ‘appropriate’, expensive, flattering and as plain as possible, elevating the art of understatement to a whole new level. Van der Meer invariably dress sharp and neat, often with pantsuits, slacks, snug turtleneck pullovers or even cheongsams.


Most political of all houses, the van der Meer do not make a secret out of their two only passions - accounting and assassinations, both pastimes best undertaken without any interference by outsiders. Outwardly a peaceful house of impeccably nonchalant bearing, the van der Meer are just about as violent as any other house - they just make a point of not showing it. Also, House van der Meer is well known for having a notoriously long memory - debts will always be repaid, either in three days or in three generations.

Favoured artsEdit

painters, book-binders, scribes, architects, mathematicians


House van der Meer prizes nonchalance over anything else. Consequentially, they never make big headlines - politics happen silently around the Gray Lords, as a natural progression of inevitable outcomes. Most planets governed by House van der Meer have been House Habichtswald domains prior to SW II, and the next decades will show if they manage to imprint their style onto their planets or if it will happen the other way round.

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