House Windsor is a Minor House from Earth.

It is the only house tracing its claim of nobility back to the time before humanity settled the stars, before the Silver Age, though this is usually considered a quaint and irrelevant anecdote by other Noble Houses.

Coat of ArmsEdit

Argent, three lions gules passant guardant in pale. (Three walking red lions on white)


A peculiarity in many ways, House Windsor is the only Noble House claiming holdings on Earth, despite the Imperial Church holding the planet as a whole. Yet as those holdings do not encompass more than a small island on the planet's northern hemisphere, it is mostly considered irrelevant.


Little is known about the members of House Windsor, except that they are extremely well educated, travel widely and marry for genetics more often than for any other reason combined. It is widely rumored that members of House Windsor have lived for several centuries, even without extensive medical care.

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