House Jehanni is one of the five Royal Houses of the Phoenix Empire (realm).


Each good Thing in its own good Time.

Coat of ArmsEdit

argent, a coin Jehan or (a golden sigil coin on white)


gold, accented white or inverse


Jehanni are expected to dress loose and flowing, with a penchant for robes, pantaloons and the like. They prefer precious, beautiful fabrics with patterns or embroidery in all graduations of subtlety. Women appearing in public have to be completely covered and veiled, with only one exception for women serving in the military who may substitute their uniform.


Highly educated and flawlessly mannered, the Jehanni are the least obviously aggressive of the royal houses, and culturally surprisingly diverse. Ranging from the colourful merchant princes of Agrabah to the austere and pious sages of Kismet , they are united in the preference of sly wit over blunt violence and a penchant for long-term and intricate plotting. Slave trade, misogynism and religion are a common denominator on all of their worlds.

Favoured artsEdit

calligraphers, silk-weavers, dancers, jewellers


Some parts of House Jehanni are still grateful to have survived SW II, while other parts still grumble about their lost chance at becoming the ruling House. So far, the Jehanni have remained demure and seem to seek cooperation with the other Houses, but this may prove but a lull before the storm. For more on this, see the Gold Coin Merger.

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