For many centuries, the haughty but honorable Habichtswalds were the sworn enemy of House Dracon. Their values of family, honour and propriety were diametrically opposed to those of the Dracons, and even today, stories of their clashes make perfect entertainment. Having fought the Dracon in SW I , House Habichtswald were the first to submit all other Royal Houses , with Alexander Habichtswald being crowned the first Emperor of the Phoenix Empire. His sweeping reforms laid the groundwork for the prosperity and security the following generations are enjoying even today. But a few years into his reign, Emperor Alexander disappeared under mysterious circumstances. As by his last will, the unmarried Emperor’s crown went to his mother, a move that was hotly contested by House Dracon . The barely healed wounds of SW I erupted again, and a second war for the succession of the Phoenix Empire began.

While the Habichtswald were able to secure much of the Imperial assets for themselves, the Dracon could count on the support of the newly founded Psions' Guild and Temple Aroona. The final blow came when House Habichtswald misjudged the pride of their vassals of House Cournicova. Having warned their masters several times that they would defect if the Habichtswald continued to use their Warrior Princesses as expendable shock troops, the whole of House Cournicova left as one and offered allegiance to House Dracon. Without their crucial ally, the support for House Habichtswald began to crumble. They lost battle after battle, the surviving members of the House being hunted down like rabid dogs.

The publicly televised decapitation of the last living Habichtswald marked the grisly end of SW II and the end of House Habichtswald.

For their courage and valor in battle, House Cournicova now holds the seat as one of the five Royal Houses that previously had been occupied by their masters.

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