House Eder is a Minor House from Shiraz.

Holdings and IncomeEdit

House Eder holds a few picturesque valleys on Shiraz, yet none in the regions coveted for its precious vinyards. Like most nobles on Shiraz, they make the lion’s share of their income from tourism and the export of luxury food, and the Eder valleys are renowned for their mushrooms and rare truffles.


House Eder is best known for for the riddle they pose to young nobles all around the Empire at some point in their tutoring. As a former vassal to House Habichtswald, they swore allegiance to Emperor Hyperion Dracon after SW II, as opposed to House Dracon. Whether that makes them a Royal House, a Minor House beholden to the Emperor or a Minor House vassal of House Dracon is unresolved yet.

Apart from this academically interesting fact, House Eder is entirely irrelevant to the politics of the Empire.

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