House Cournicova is one of the five Royal Houses of the Phoenix Empire (realm), famous for being the only truly martriarchal House.


Like the Wolves

Coat of ArmsEdit

vert, a wyldebeest rampant proper, claws and fangs gules (a charging brown wyldebeest with red claws and teeth on green)


earth and autumn colours, accented white


Cournicova women dress practically and to show off their military prowess and capabilities as providers. Armours, leathers and occasionaly fur, Cournicova outfits are always martial and show deep pride in the skilled craftsmanship of their people. Cournicova men, on the other hand, are dressed to please their mistresses - mostly tight pants and open shirts without buttons for the handsome ones, and unoffensive trousers and tunics for the rest of them.


House Cournicova (occasionally Kournikowa or variations) is the only Royal House that strictly clings to a matriarchal line of heritage, claiming that men are too easily controlled by their impulses and any man holding any responsibility is an open invitation for disaster. Thus, Cournicova men are held separate from all ‘important’ dealings and are trained for obedience and beauty from early childhood on. Cournicova women, on the other hand, appear passionate and fierce in public, warlike and unafraid of any challenge. They cherish ‘real’ combat experience and personal skills more than any other house, and a Cournicowa baroness claiming she killed at least a thousand warriors is probably just telling the truth, if not underplaying it to be polite.

Favoured artsEdit

hunters, weaponsmiths, architects, vintners, cooks


Too honest for a true political career, House Cournicova is the only House that can count on true internal assistance if trouble threatens to grow out of control. Fiercely proud of their hard-won independence, their main political motivation is to keep them free of any new ties that would drag them into another bloody war. Their hard-working, hands-on attitude has gained them respect among many new-school Dracon, while most other Nobles still consider them second class barbarian nobles. The fact that a Cournicova noble never makes idle threats is enshrined in empire history Operation Oathbreaker.

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