House Castella is one of the five Royal Houses of the Phoenix Empire (realm).


Passion in Love and War

Coat of ArmsEdit

argent, a castle gules (red castle with two towers and an open gate on white)


red, accented white or inverse


House Castella has a strong military and athletic tradition, and regardless of gender, there are only two optional ‘styles’ considered appropriate. Either you are a soldier and dress in uniforms, armor, riding or sport outfits. Or you admire soldiers, then you wear ruffled billowing gowns with plunging necklines or fancy coats, and try your best to look as if you need a strong arm to cling to. Those roles are predominantly seen as male / female stereotypes, but no Castella will think less of a woman general or giddily fawning boy-toy as long as they adhere to their chosen role. While acting out of synch with your chosen style is strictly taboo, swapping styles (and with them social expectations) is possible, although considered somewhat crude.


The Castella in general strive to be visibly passionate and dramatic, as they believe that only deep-felt, intense emotions will inspire others to follow them and accept them as their inspired leaders. They are operatic beyond words and, once incited, show incredible perseverance but little common sense.

Favoured artsEdit

weaponsmiths, writers, ‘serious’ actors, fencing trainers


Since gaining the title of a Royal House at the end of SW II, the Castella seem surprisingly content with the planets they own, apparently concentrating their energies on deciding on their internal structures and future goals. While they are on friendly terms with Houses Dracon and Cournicova, their relations are understandably cold with the Jehanni and van der Meer as their temperaments couldn’t be more different.

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