Before SW II, House Castella was but a branch of House Andragor, which in style and tenets was only marginally different. Most distinctively, though, was that House Andragor as a whole was a close friend of House Habichtswald, based on their similar understanding of honour. The Castella branch, on the other hand, valued passion over honour, and thus could rather relate with the hot-headed antics of House Dracon.

With the disappearance of the first Emperor and the outbreak of SW II, House Andragor instantly allied themselves with their old Habichtswald friends. Naturally, the Castella branch didn’t agree, and soon enough, the internal strain proved too much - the Castella split, declaring themselves a proper Royal House of their own.

House Andragor continued to fight alongside their Habichtswald allies and was reduced to insignificance with them. The few survivors either fled, seeking a new life under new names or were welcomed back as minor members of House Castella.

As no one claimed the seat of House Andragor at the end of SW II, House Castella was recognized as their rightful successor by Emperor Hyperion I and installed as a Royal House.

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