Grigorij 'Greg' Dracon
Born 4975
Deceased Unknown/Alive
Born on Serin
Parents Hyperion Dracon
Spouses Amadeus Habichtswald
Children none, godfather of Leesha Dracon
Affiliation House Dracon
Grigorij 'Greg' Dracon is a human noble of House Dracon, best known as the third Phoenix Emperor, Gregorius the Enlightened.

Reign as Phoenix Emperor Edit

He became Emperor Gregorius upon his ascension to the throne in 5009 after the abdication of his father Hyperion Dracon.

Abdicated in 5030 in favor of his godson Leesha Dracon, and has not appeared in public since.

Psionic PowersEdit

Grigorij is one of the very few known Oracles, psions capable of foretelling the truth with astonishing accuracy. He often claimed that his abilities were limited by his own choice, and that he never dared to make actual predictions instead of merely divining probabilities, though the reasons behind these claims remain unknown.

Other Articles on Grigorij DraconEdit

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