The Felids are the predominant race of the Confederation of Felid Tribes.



An average Felid male.

A little shorter on average than Humans, the Felids are generally of much broader and more massive build. Their head sits not quite above their shoulders, but in front of them, giving them a slightly haunched look.

Hands and feet have claws, which are mostly retractable and are able of very fine manipulation, though single-handed grabbing is more difficult to them than to humans.

Felid bodies are covered in fur, which is mostly short and usually a little longer on the head and down the back. Felid fur is mostly brown, with several graduations on a single individual. Other colors are not uncommon, though, and patterns such as stripes, bibs or spots can be seen (more or less pronounced) on the majority of the Felids.

Some Felids have horns, both male and females, growing on their foreheads in pairs of two, rarely fours. Horns are considered something of a genetic artifact, but can also be seen as an attractive sign of vigor and sexual prowess.

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