Ruled by Imperial Protectorate, Youh'Kai
Current Ruler Unnamed
Capital Mar'Tecla
Current Prime Unnamed
Current Archbishop Unnamed
Primary Exports crafts, poisons, raw chemicals
Primary Imports food, technology

Far'Gesh is a planet of the Phoenix Empire, best known for being the ancestral homeworld of the Youh'Kai.


Even before the immense battles of the Youh'Kai War, the Far'Gesh system was littered with asteroid fields and the debris of at least three shattered planets. The Youh'Kai war left countless battlefields unclaimed, as well as thousands of mines that still pose a significant threat to any vessel that deviates from any but the most common routes.

The trip from the Jumpgate to Far'Gesh is considered a challenge even for experienced pilots.


A surprisingly cold and arid world, Far'Gesh is wrecked by regular earthquakes and significant volcanic activity. How much of this is due to the massive orbital bombardment that destroyed basically all surface buildings at the end of the Youh'Kai War is debatable. Frequent dust storms are the most notable weather feature, often carrying caustic ash or sulphuric acid from eruption sites across vast distances.

With hardly any surface life possible, all life on Far'Gesh happens in the deep caverns that comb the planet's crust.

  • temperature = -0,6 TS
  • humidity = -0,8 TS


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