Ducal Crescents coat of arms

The coat of arms of the Ducal Crescents on P2

The Ducal Crescents are the local policeforce of the Duke of P2, named after the crescent-shaped symbol of Imperial City in their coat of arms.


It's long been the Duke of P2's honored duty to ensure security around the Imperial Palace, and over the years they have put up the gold standard for city guards all over the Empire.   Setting the Ducal Crescents apart from the usual brute in armor that is your average guard is mostly their extensive education and both military and social training. Working in a city with more nobles per square mile than on many planets of the Empire means that any tavern brawl if handled badly can spill into a major vendetta.

Coat of ArmsEdit

One of the very few non-noble coat of arms worth knowing, the badge of the Ducal Crescents shows the city's half-moon shape as a lying silver crescent on purple ground. The purple color has long been connected to the city guards, and has been chosen to give a distinction between the Imperial red Ruby Guard and green Malachite Guard. Above the city's crescent, a five-pointed silver star with one elongate spike pointing down reminds of the space-station Tiara right above the Imperial Palace. Some people argue that the stars position can only signify Pearlblue Island, but the coat of arms predates the relocation of the island by several centuries. The Duke of P2 and the Emperor have always been close, ever more so as the current Duke is the Emperor's elder brother. The inclusion of Tiara into the Ducal Crescents' coat of arms should remind every would-be criminal that there is a fully armed and operational space station in low orbit right above, never more than a simple phone call away from any officer's disposal.

Notable Ducal CrescentsEdit

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