Cor'Garun is one of the Youh'Kai Deities, revered as the god of war, strength and passion.

God of War, Strength and PassionEdit

The middle brother to Ai'Nakara and Nach'Tarr, Cor’Garun is a boastful and proud deity, generous and demanding at the same time. He is of a quick temper, as easy to anger as he is to amuse, and quite easily goaded into foolish actions. He is, though, a sly warrior and great hunter, a relentless fighter and man of great personal honor. In legends, he rarely takes an active role, but his sons are all over the place, the Sons of Cor'Garun. Each of his countless sons take the name of a cherished Warrior’s attribute, i.e. Strength, Fury, Perseverance, Dexterity, Courage, Stamina, etc. They always come up in small groups, usually looking for trouble, and if not sent on a path with a proper cause will usually be the villains of the story. If Cor’Garun appears himself, it is either to slay a mythical beast that Nach’Tarr is hiding or to avenge some perceived insult against the explicit orders of Ai’Nakara.


Middle-aged, heavily muscled male Youh’Kai, bare-chested with two daggers, occasionally four arms and four daggers. Often described as moderately handsome but with an irresistible sexual allure, he is said to have sired more demigods with mortals than all other gods together. His sons are all young, athletic males, also bare-chested and each one sporting a different weapon.

Common followersEdit

Warriors, gladiators, hunters, serial seducers, troublemakers, rapists

Notable FollowersEdit

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