The Concord of P2 is a contract signed by all Dukes of the Phoenix Empire at the End of SW II, and is widely credited with the sustained peace the Empire is seeing since several generations.

Historic BackgroundEdit

Having learned from the previous Emperor's mistakes, the newly crowned Emperor Hyperion Dracon seized the opportunity of all Dukes of all Noble Houses being present for his coronation in 5001 and forced them to sit down and tally up their demands and debts from the war with each other. Forbidden to leave with the new Emperor's fleet in orbit, they hammered out the Concord of P2 , an agreement that settled all those claims and forbade each Duke to ever come up with old claims concering the war again.


While most history books credit Emperor Hyperion Dracon as the driving force behind the Concord, it seems more and more that he 'merely' forced all involved parties to sit down and negotiate. The passing years have clearly shown the handwriting of Amadeus Habichtswald in the contract's passages, often brilliantly obfuscating the actual consequences of the clauses agreed upon. Also, many of the concord's clauses retroactively turn out to start a string of incredibly lucky coincidences, hinting at a strong involvement of Grigorij Dracon.

Notable ContentEdit

Some notable settlements included in the Concord of P2 are:

Other articles concerning the Concord of P2Edit

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