Born 5012
Deceased Unknown/Alive
Born on Leichnam
Parents Unnamed
Spouses Yaden Dracon, Kendrik Aquila, Jennifer, Teagan, Sam Balmoral
Children Kaylee Adopted: Myriam Dracon, Vian Dracon, Siva Dracon, Roja, Samael, Leto
Affiliation Yaden Dracon, Ynagra
Colin is a human commoner from Leichnam, best known for his role in the events of 'The Demon Witches of Leichnam' and his marriage to Sir Yaden Dracon.


Colin is of average height, with black hair, dark brown eyes and the fair skin of a Leichnamer. Considered a very handsome man, he is either described as 'cute and boyish' (when shaven) or rogueish (when sporting his usual three-days' beard).

Since his marriage to Sir Yaden Dracon, he wears the typical all-black of House Dracon. Usually, he is seen sporting simple outfits of denims, shirts and a leather jacket with the red dragon as a lapel pin. It is rumored that Colin incorporates parts of his vanquished enemies as talismans into his jacket in the fashion of the Youh'Kai.

In the Phoenix Knight Movies, beginning with The Demon Witches of Leichnam, Colin is played by NN, with whom he has a striking similarity. Often, and not always in jest, it is remarked that Colin is actually more attractive than the already quite fetching actor who portrays him.

Early LifeEdit

Born in Schimmelbach, a regional capital on Leichnam, to a single mother, his childhood was marked by dire poverty.

In 5026, he started an apprenticeship with a local baker, a position he gained through sheer insistence and talent.

After the death of his mother in the Zombie Outbreak of 5028, Colin moved in with his aunt Madeline, who had fled the social confines of Hagermarsch with his mother before Colin's birth. 

In 5033, Colin learned of the death of his grandparents in Hagermarsch, and that their family bakery was now without owner. Immediately, he applied to be tested as a Master Baker with the local Bakers' Guild (a subguild of the Crafters' Guild) and passed with flying colors.

He moved into his mother's hometown Hagermarsch in the following year, setting up business in his grandparents' home in 5034.

Sir Yaden and the Demon WitchesEdit

in 5037, newly knighted Sir Yaden Dracon was sent undercover to Hagermarsch to investigate the increase in demonic activities in the area. Over the events of 'The Demon Witches of Leichnam', Colin fell in love with Yaden and moved with him into the Phoenix Knight Tower on P2 after his mission in Hagermarsch ended.

Life on P2Edit

Priest of YnagraEdit

On the first mission of the newly refurbished Pebble in 5038, Yaden and Colin are attacked by a N'Bosoti. In his despair, Colin attacks the creature with the remains of a broomstick, unwittingly activating a connection between him and the Youh'Kai deity Ynagra. See short story A bloodied Broom.

When Yaden and his crew are subsequently ordered to additional training in the Saint Cornelius Monastery on Malicorn in 5039, Colin is introduced to Ynagra and her followers by Father K'gosi. See short story Honeymoon.

Other Articles on ColinEdit

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