Bobby Dover
Born 5040
Deceased Unknown/Alive
Born on Espen
Parents Unnamed
Spouses None/Unnamed
Children None/Unnamed
Affiliation Vian Dracon
Bobby Dover is a human commoner from Bellingham on Espen.


Tall and slender, Bobby Dover is a striking figure with his pale skin, deep red hair and apple-green eyes. Usually, he wears his hair in a thick braid for ease, though on special occasions he wears them open over one shoulder, showing off his natural waves. Not classically beautiful (though that's what most people call him at first glance), Bobby Dover is memorably charismatic and often described as fey and elegant, especially in comparison to his stocky brother Wayne Dover.

Youth on EspenEdit

Growing up in Bellingham as the second of five childen of a disabled, alcoholic mother, he was able to enjoy a regular school education despite his family's poverty thanks to his mother's pension. Rigid Espener structures left little place for youths to spend free time, and together with his elder brother Wayne Dover and their friends Mandy, Kiki, Ed and Dimples, he usually hung out in a flotsam filled part of the main wavebreaker of Bellingham's freight port.

A daring costume gained them entrance to the Youh'Kai Ghetto on Nach'Tarr's Night in 5055, where Bobby came into contact with Youh'Kai culture for the first time. See short story Nach'Tarr's Night.

Further episodes of Bobby and his friends are detailed in the short stories Bonfire Night, Lovers' Day and Spring Fling.

In the summer of 5056, Bobby's brother Wayne is sold into slavery as punishment for manslaughter of a police officer. See short story Endgame.

Bobby's contact with the Youh'Kai of Bellingham deepen, and he befriends the young Youh'Kai T'sule. See short stories A Voice in the Dark and The Longest of Nights.

In 5057, Bobby learns that his brother had been bought by Vian Dracon. See short story The fox-tailed Dragon. The following months see a gentle romance developing between Bobby and Vian, see short stories Dinner Date, Crown & Lance and Anger Management. In the end, Bobby decides to move to P2, both to be closer to Vian and hoping to escape the rigid confines of Espen.


Shortly after his arrival in Disari, Bobby makes the acquaintance of M'tini and B'cardi, two Youh'Kai siblings running a junkyard together. See short story Wheels.

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