Ruled by House Dracon
Current Ruler Unnamed
Capital Unnamed
Current Prime Unnamed
Current Archbishop Unnamed
Primary Exports Aliearan goods
Primary Imports Irrelevant/Unknown
Aylian is a planet of the Phoenix Empire, known for its large Youh'Kai population and its proximity to the interdimensional gate to the Aliaerean Empire.


A mostly boreal and mountainous world, Aylian is quite well suited to support human life, though its complete lack of natural resouces has so far prevented the economic growth necessary for substantial population growth.

Effects of the Erean IncursionEdit

When the forces of the Aliaerean Empire opened a portal to the lower orbit of Aylian, they were expecting to enter just another Demonic Shard Realm. Unfortunately (for them) a connection to our space-time is not easily dissolved again, leading to the gate now being a permanent fixture in the sky above Aylian. Due to the overlapping realities of the two realms, technology of either universe is functional in the other realm for a certain range and time around the portal, a phenomenon called 'Eigenrealität'. This leads to giant flying beasts resting on Aylian's spaceports as well as ships of the Imperial Fleet patrolling both sides of the portal together with winged demons of the Erean forces. This overlap is inversely proportional to the size of the realms, meaning that while Erean flying beasts are barely able to leave the orbit of Aylian before exploding in vacuum, Imperial ships can reach the Erean capital more often than not.


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