Alexej Sirenkov
Born 5012
Deceased Unknown/Alive
Born on Malicorn
Parents Unnamed
Spouses Andrea Sirenkov
Children adopted: Shalice Sirenkov
Affiliation Imperial Marines
Alexej Sirenkov is a former member of the Imperial Marines and now works for the special taskforce of the Duchess of Malicorn to continue securing Malicorns name as 'the safest planet of the Empire'.

Imperial MarinesEdit

In 5043, he is part of the troops that fight in the One Day War against the Scilla Republic, and befrieds the Felid Eion during the mission. See short story Shock and Awe.

Malicorn Task ForceEdit

Owning a small house in the exclusively old-blood malino neighborhood of Beach View, he lives there with his wife and adopted daughter. In 5054, during a routine operation, he confiscates the pet Mauve as evidence, see novella Securing Evidence. Enarmored with the young slave, he and his wife Andrea Sirenkov decide to keep him.

His further adventures with the new pet are documented in the short stories That might work..., A little Accident and Breakfast in Bed.

Also in 5054, Alexej Sirenkov is approached by his old friend Eion and asked to assist in the search for a litter of kidnapped Felid kittens. Faced with a difficult undercover mission, the Sirenkovs decide to take Mauve with them undercover to the 'Summer Isle' resort owned by Count Tarek Castella. See novella 'To the rescue!'.

Position on SlaveryEdit

Other Articles on Alexej SirenkovEdit

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