Ai'Nakara is one of the Youh'Kai Deities, revered as the god of judgement, propriety and valor.

God of Judgment, Propriety and ValorEdit

Ai’Nakara is the first god of the Youh’Kai, both father and chieftain to all of them. Known for his furious rages, he is a harsh but fair master, and even though other gods often disagree with him, his rule is undisputed. He was the one who created the first light (the first fire in some legends), thus revealing the wrongdoings of the oath-breaker gods that led to the War in Heavens. He gave laws to the people of the Youh’Kai that are unquestionable even today, and they still stand written on the stones of the Mar’Tecla Stelae Field on Far’Gesh the way he put them down. While the High Chief of Far’Gesh might be the closest thing the Youh’Kai have to a military and worldly leader, the Far’Gesh High Priest of Ai’Nakara, the N'Kara, is the undisputed and deeply respected moral authority of the race.


Elderly, muscular Youh’Kai, holding a (red) flame in his folded hands.

Common followersEdit

chieftains, judges, generals, teachers, policemen

Notable Followers of Ai'NakaraEdit

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