Ruled by House Jehanni
Current Ruler Unnamed
Capital Agrabah City (Palace District)
Current Prime Unnamed
Current Archbishop Unnamed
Primary Exports trade goods, slaves
Primary Imports trade goods, luxury goods, food

Agrabah is a planet of the Phoenix Empire core worlds, and is situated at one of the most important jumpgate nodes next to P2. It is best known for its colourful markets and being the ancestral homeworld of the Medina. Also worth mentioning is the Rostov space station hanging in orbit around the Agrabah system jumpgate, a major black market trade hub that is barely under imperial control.


A warm and slightly arid world, Agrabah is quite comfortably suited for human life, though hardly able to support its large population with sufficient food.

  • humidity = -0,15 TS
  • temperature = +0,1 TS


Agrabah was sacked by the Youh'Kai during the Youh'Kai War in 3523.

During the Second Succession War, Agrabah became one of the most embattled systems due to its strategical location on the shortest jumproute between P2 and the Dracon worlds. The enormous losses sustained by House Medina and their allies of House Wu Tzun in defense of their holding triggered the Gold Coin Merger.

Trivia Edit

  • Agrabah is mostly organized around Agrabah City, with most smaller cities having becom sub-centres to the point that there is only one, giant city on Agrabah.
  • Agrabah City is broken up into smaller sub-centers, each catering to one particular area of commerce, with dozens of smaller spaceports scattered in between.
  • Local law is opaque at best and relies heavily on bribes.
  • Despite Agrabahi women being barred from most of public life, it is traditionally the oldest woman of the family who holds the entire families possessions and distributes them as needed. It is expected that all working members of a family send a significant share of their earnings to their 'poor' grandmother.
  • The ducal secret service, the Dai Li, acts to secure public order and a fruitful business climate with little to no oversight. Frequently, the head of the Dai Li is excecuted by the Duke under charges of trying to overthrow the current rulers. None the less, the Dai Li is doing a good job at keeping the anthill of Agrabah City functional.

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